Partner Relationship Management (PRM): The Ultimate Channel Sales & Partnerships Podcast

23 - Partner Marketing: Tips, Advice & Strategies to Stand Out - Ben Wright, PartnerFuel

May 04, 2023 Magentrix Season 1 Episode 23
Partner Relationship Management (PRM): The Ultimate Channel Sales & Partnerships Podcast
23 - Partner Marketing: Tips, Advice & Strategies to Stand Out - Ben Wright, PartnerFuel
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In this episode, we will explore the key benefits and strategies of partner marketing, and provide practical tips and advice on how to optimize your partner marketing efforts.

Partner marketing provides a unique opportunity for businesses to leverage the strengths and resources of their partners to enhance their marketing efforts, reach new audiences, and drive revenue growth. 

Guest bio: Ben Wright of PartnerFuel
Our guest today is one of the most visible members within partnership communities today.  If you’re active within partnership posts on LinkedIn, you may have noticed him regularly commenting and leaving helpful tips.

After working in partnerships roles such as Director of Partnerships and Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, at a Senior Manager & Director Level,  he quickly embraced a specialization within this space.

He set out on his own to help partnership teams overcome their partner marketing challenges at PartnerFuel


  • Fractional leadership
  • to fractional marketing support
  • to program design

He can do it all.

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How do you define partner marketing and what does it help achieve in partnerships?
Which types of partnerships need to engage in partner marketing efforts the most?
What are some of the most important aspects to building out a successful partner marketing aspect to one’s partner program? What are some foundational pieces we should have in place?
Does marketing content differ from partner marketing content?
What are some common mistakes vendors make when it comes to partner marketing, and how can these mistakes be avoided?
Is it an absolute must to have a partner marketing agreement in place when you’re working with partners?
What role does content marketing play in partner marketing, and how can vendors create content that resonates with their partners and their target audience?
How do you approach personalization in your marketing efforts when working with partners?
What can vendors do when it turns out a partner doesn't have the resources or expertise to effectively market their products?
ChatGPT: how does it affect your partner marketing efforts? How do you ensure your work stands out now? Since it’s now so easy for brands to put out more content.
How can partners be incentivized to participate in marketing activities, and what are some effective ways to motivate partners to participate?
What roles does technology play in all this? How and can vendors leverage technology to enhance their partner marketing efforts?
What strategies have you implemented in the past to ensure success in your partner marketing efforts?
How can vendors measure the success or ROI of their partner marketing efforts, and what metrics should they be tracking?
What’s the most important bit of advice you can give vendors who are trying to level up their partner marketing efforts?